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Ahmed Malik

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24 Jan

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There are times when you are in the middle of some extensive research, or online activity; there are 7 to 10 tabs open in your Google Chrome browser, and you accidentally end up closing the window. What happens next? Panic ensues an attempt to restore those last known tabs by restarting the browser again. Isn’t this the most common approach?

If you are lucky, Chrome browser will show up a message to help you “open last known tabs” again. However, sometimes, the browser is not intelligent enough to suggest a recovery. In this scenario, you have to rely on pressing “Ctrl + H” keys and selecting those URLs manually via the newly opened History bar.

Tab Killer drop down menu at the right side of your Google Chrome browser

Nonetheless, the aforementioned approaches are not effective. A better way to solve this dilemma is by installing the “Tab Killer” Google Chrome extension. In terms of visuals, the GUI could use some more work. However, Tab Killer provides very basic, but yet, highly effective, insight on last known tabs.

There is a minimal fuss when it comes to resuming your activities because Tab Killer not only allows you to close all tabs, but also does so under the guarantee that these tabs can and will be opened any time whenever needed.  

After the installation, the Tab Killer button appears at the top right side of your Chrome browser. If you click this button, a drop down menu will appear, showing all your saved links. Alternatively you can press: ‘Alt+Z’ keys on the keyboard while your browser is open. This will bring up the drop down menu/ list of the saved links that were last open in the browser.

Closer look at the Tab Killer drop down menu

There are two options in Tab Killer when a link is right clicked in the menu:

  • Add This Link To Tab Killer
  • Add To Link-Q

Technically, both these options do the same thing. Back in the days when they were developing Tab Killer, the Link Q was more of a working title scenario for the current “Add this link to Tab Killer” option. The only snag is that this extension does not work perfectly on Mac OS versions. For PC users, Tab Killer provides a great convenience to anyone who wants to open his/her browser tabs successfully.

Last but not the least, you can delete you Tab Killer history through the same drop down menu. Just play around with the settings – and you will eventually figure out how to use this hassle free tool. Please let me know about your experience through the comments section below.

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