This Xbox 360 pairing tutorial is for those users who are still living in the Stone Age. After going through this mini tutorial, you will be able to pair your Xbox 360 with YouTube for viewing YouTube channels from your TV, cellphone and any other device on the console.

Xbox 360 Youtube Screen - Sharing Food Recipes

As long as the devices are compatible, you will have no trouble synching them up and YouTube with your Xbox 360. By the way, I am not using this option because I have a JTAGGED Xbox 360. If I were to connect it to the internet, it will get me an insta ban. Nope, not my kinda party…

How to Pair YouTube and Xbox 360 for a Rich Experience?

Basically, it is a very simple option. You must have seen it already in your Xbox 360. Remember “send to TV” mode? Well it is a feature from Google’s YouTube app that lets Android users output their favorite YouTube videos to external devices. The same feature has recently been introduced to iOS users.

Moving on, how does the “Send to TV” YouTube option work for an Xbox 360 owner such as you? If you have an iPhone 5, or an Android device, you can try out some of the instructions mentioned in this article. You will need the YouTube application for Xbox 360 to get things moving. If the app is not there, you need to upgrade your console’s firmware/ dashboard through the internet.

  • Start with getting access to or downloading the YouTube application on whatever device that is currently connected to your TV. If you have an Xbox 360, connect it with the TV and get the application installed on the gaming console.

After installation, go to the Xbox 360 YouTube application settings. There is an option for pairing devices.

  • Click / “A” the pairing YouTube option in the Xbox 360 YouTube application.  This option will give you a unique 9 digit number.
  • You will now enter this 9 digit number generated by your Xbox 360 after pairing your devices. The TV set will show a prompt screen for naming the television. Enter any name and then hit the add button with the “A” button on the Xbox 360 controller.

Now if you are watching any video on your Xbox 360, there will be a little TV button at one of the top corners of the application. If you set up/ paired multiple TVs, tapping the icon on the screen will bring the drop down list of all TV sets. Select the appropriate TV set and that’s about it.

If you are done watching the video, you can go back to the Xbox 360 screen or your iOS / Android device screen by tapping the TV button again.