I was looking through my recent analytics stats, and stumbled upon quite an interesting query. Someone was looking for a solution to ‘sony portable dvd player battery will only charge half way’. Therefore I’d like to help this guy out.

Battery not fully charging - What to do

Battery Issues with Sony Players or any other Gadget:

Okay, bro, or brodette; given that you are a chick, you need to be very careful with batteries. If there’s one good thing I learned from my Electromagnetism professor during university days, he always emphasized on the etiquettes of charging batteries for any device.

Make believe with Sony Players - Google Images

The only reason your Sony DVD player battery charges half way is because of two possible factors:

  • You ended up with a Sony product that already had a faulty battery/ weak battery.
  • You charged the battery on frequent basis – so much so that its charging capacity is now fucked up.

Pardon the expression in the second statement but that’s how it goes usually. When you are charging your cellphone battery, or any other device, make sure that the battery is already drained to 0% or 1%. Never ever charge your device if the battery is half used.

If you are going to charge a battery that’s indicating charge level at 50% or anywhere above 10%, you are basically charging 90% percent of the battery. You keep on doing this, thinking that you want to keep the battery fully charged, but in a way the charging capacity of battery is now permanently going down to 90%, 50% or any other percentage.

Don’t keep your Sony DVD Player, Laptops or other Devices always Plugged In:

Likewise, if you are going to keep your gadget plugged in, the battery is constantly being charged. I ruined my laptop battery this way. The maximum timing was 2 hours, but it was reduced to 5 minutes because I ended up reducing the charge capacity of the battery.

So, if you Sony DVD portable player or whatever gadget is not being fully charged, you need a new battery. Once you have the new battery, please follow all the instructions that I stated earlier in this article. Charge your batteries when “needed”. There’s no need to charge them all the time. If you have further questions, feel free to email me at techguy@infinarium.com .