It has been a long time since the iPad was released. Why do I keep going back to the original product, when we have other shit to talk about? It just happens that I wrote a few articles a couple years ago; right when the iPad was released for the first time. One week from the device’s release date to be specific.

App Mockup Wallpaper - Google Images

Since then, I have been surveying different trends on the internet, mostly concerning companies that would benefit most from the iPad product lineup. Here is a list of five tech conglomerates who are not only benefiting from Apple inventions, but also getting by with a lot of app downloads these days.


  • A technology monster and well reputed company within its own community. What’s more fascinating is that IBM released an application that was intended to link Lotus Domino servers to the iPhone. But wouldn’t it be better if IBM and iPad work towards something productive and user friendly in the near future?

Oracle Sun – Java

  • Oracle can open up new prospects of progress, if it was to open Open Office and VirtualBox oriented software for the iPad. Of course, this isn’t going to be some easy task but then again, it will be a real killer application package for the iPad community.


  • HP’s printer friendly software isn’t on “friendly” terms with the iPad users. Even though, there are quite a number of applications out there, through which you can print your documents but most of them don’t flow in a smooth motion. HP can conjure up something which would enable users to print something wirelessly and effortlessly.


  • And why are we forgetting the smartest and the cheekiest company on the internet? For a change, it’d be nice if something like Google Docs is available to the iPad users out there. Not only, is this thing in the greatest interest of market, but an average office going guy can make a hell lot of usage out of it.


  • And of course, Apple itself can do an amazing job in the application development department for the iPad. Apple has still, a lot of advantage over other developers and I think that Apple should develop more applications.