I know that we all have struggled in finding the right soundtrack for our workout. I have been trying a few applications over the last few months until I stumbled upon ‘Spring’ and ‘RockMyRun’. Technically these applications were made to adjust to your workout pace. The best part is the playlist which automatically suggests, and plays any song that best suits your current pace during the said workout routine.

spring app playlist is funIt is obvious that both these applications have their own set of pros and cons. But if you take my opinion, each one of them has something exciting to offer which can make your workout at home or outside more pompous. That being said, this is only possible with the help of the processor in your phone which the application makes use of, for detecting your bodies motion.

Spring was basically released for the iOS market. Also the devs initially launched the beta version which was soon changed to full release version after getting feedback from the users. The application automatically adjusts the music to the type of activity you’re performing, for example rowing, running, walking, interval training, biking, swimming, or any sort of strenuous exercise which you want to opt for. The application then asks for you musical tastes, genre’, artist.

What I really like about this application is the library of 10,000 hand picked songs which it holds, so that I don’t have to go through the hassle of making a new workout list for myself, every time I change my type of activity. The application sets you with a song which articulates with your workout.

rock my run is much better than springAfter you are done with the settings in Spring app,  you will see a bright orange button in the middle of the screen, tapping that will give you a list of activities. 

Based on your choice, the application is going to ask you whether you are going to be outdoors or indoors. The application is smart enough to measure the distance you’ve travelled by enabling the GPS if you are outdoor, and will not use the bandwidth if you’re indoors. How cool is that!

At the end, the application is going to ask you to choose your “rhythm”. As dodgy as it may sound, since most of us don’t count our steps while working out, the application is going to give you a general range choice, for example 145 to 157 steps / minute.  Not happy with that? You can also perform a rhythm analysis in which you’ll know exactly the number of steps you are taking per cycle.

spring app advertisement showing female modelHowever, there’s a catch to it. As much as advanced and technically fool proof this option may sound, it can be quite frustrating, like tapping the screen every time you take a step while walking or running. Similarly, the application sets you on a timer of 30 seconds while you’re performing a water based activity, to count the number of rows or strokes, eventually asking for you to enter them manually afterwards.

Moreover, the pause or skip buttons are good options to use when required, while keeping in mind that you can only skip 6 songs per hour.  There’s another button on the bottom of the screen which displays your current speed.

This is good for adjusting your tempo if required by sliding the bar back or forth as required.  Frankly, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and often leaves you confused. Eye-to-hand coordination needs to be good for one to properly regulate this function as it often just presses the button instead of swiping it while your legs are swaying.

In addition to this, when you change the tempo of your steps, the current song conveniently fades in to the background, leaving space for another song in accordance to your steps. Saying that, it would be much better if the application could just automatically recognise the change in your pace.

it never gets any betterIn comparison to Spring application, I think that RockMyRun is slightly better. This latter app already exists for the iOS and the android. The design and layout is much more complex as compared to Spring. In addition to that, the application asks you to download the specified Dj mixes given by it, instead of having the songs from the preferences you would want.

However, this application takes a toll on Spring by the technology it has to offer. MyBeat, an in built feature in RockMyRun automatically adjusts the tempo of whatever you are listening to by monitoring your running or activity pattern. Based on the special built-in software, this application detects your heart beat, movements, and adjusts the current song accordingly. This would result in often giving you a sudden rush, or a serene feel.

Also, there are a few things attached to it, which makes you think that this technology definitely comes with a price, literally! The application is available for its pro user, who pay 4.99$ per month. In addition to that, you have to listen to the pre-defined Dj mixes that the application has to offer, and yes it does give it a club-like feel. WIFI is a must for you to download the songs.

Comparing both these applications, my points will go to Spring. With its clean layout, and easily skipping one song option, this application stands out from the two. However, if you feel technology to be more important, and are willing to spend a little time for it, RockMyRun is your thing.