Earlier this morning, I was writing an article about email spamming. I poured my heart out because the task was to write hateful paragraphs about various negatives of signing up for free stuff. Seriously, free stuff, especially these days on the internet, really sucks.

No more spam cans for you honey

We are about to step in the year 2013. Apart from lousy New Year resolutions and probably late night “Forever Alone” coffees on the last day of December, you will be facing a new age of spam. The online world isn’t going to get better.

Search engines are going to suck as always; you will never find what you’re looking for, things will be more expensive, there will be no such thing as online privacy (dibs to that) – and of course, that Can of Spam is going to smell like thyme and curry.

The Gmail Email Trick I was talking about?

Oh yeah, all hope is not lost. While the nerds over at Hotmail are trying to copy Gmail these days, Google is still one step ahead with its email service. Nope, I am not being biased. It’s a fact that Gmail is becoming intelligent day by day.

Take Kevin Gunn as an example of a person who uses Gmail to set up filters and catch companies that send spam emails. The guy recently regurgitated a small tutorial for people who are way over their head with spam mail.

Okay so you are really interested in that free eBook but the only way of getting to it is through a signup process. It makes sense that you don’t want to end up with spam so you try to trick the spam bot by entering your list Jenny+MyList@Gmail.Com. What is the worst thing that could happen here?

Well, the spammers or auto generated spam emails will directly send email to Jenny@Gmail.Com while COMPELTELY ignoring your list name. I know, there was a “+MyList” in there but spammers just got intelligent.

But if you were to create Gmail filters with “MyList” to shuttle it, the spam email will directly go to that list. Isnt that great? Another way of mapping folders in Gmail is through your cellphone. I recently purchased a HTC One V. While I was accessing my Gmail ID through it, I noticed that the device created extra mapped folders.

Here’s a screenshot for reference.

HTC Created Mapped Folders in my Gmail

I later on set up my Gmail filters to filter anything unwanted. Technically, all the spam started ending up in those mapped HTC folders, while my actual inbox remained spam free. You can try playing with filters too. Let’s see where you end up with them. Let us know.