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I have been using Twitter for over 2 years now. As a mediocre user, even I had to dedicate myself to get expected results to some extent. Keeping all the motives and objectives per view, I initially wanted to test the waters. Here’s a breakdown of what I learned so far about Twitter:

Side Note: This Twitter user guide is solely based on my personal experiences on. It is definitely going to help you MAXIMIZE your user interaction value, recognition and the overall respect.

This guide is not for:

  • People who want 100 followers on daily basis.
  • Online businesses and marketing firms with a million Followers acquisition goal types.
  • Lazy bums, who take ages to tweet, while expecting exponential results.

Unless or until you want Real people, Live Tweets, Live Responses, and an Engaging stack of conversations, you’re better off with the Bots and the Easter Egg profile rally.

It is based on keywords:

here are some quick tips about twitter

  • So it is your first day on Twitter and like everybody else, you have got ‘0’ followers. You are not following anyone at this point. I assume that you have already filled in your credentials; a good introduction, with your website, blog or product link will make a lot of difference.
  • Use the Suggestion/ Who to Follow Tool to sift through a list of people who churn your guts in a pleasant way.

Before following 10 or 15 of these folks, take a close look at their tweets. Do they tweet like a real person? Are their tweets full of Heart or Diamond shaped icons and repetitive links? Your job is to follow real users, instead of Bots; they are the ones who will make your presence strong.

Coming to the keyword thing, some people have auto follow tool option enabled in their account. The auto follow option alerts the account when a suitable keyword pings the preset settings. So if you are tweeting and the tweet has hit the right keyword, auto followers will follow you. Sometimes these followers turn out to be actually good people. Other times… sigh, they’re not what you are looking for.

Keywords also open up suggestions. For instance, when you have been tweeting for a while, your follower’s followers will start noticing your name in their Suggestion drop down menu. These soon to be added new folks are definitely going to click your name tag. A small percentage will follow you back instantly upon liking.

In with the love: Out with the malice:

Time and time again, I have noticed that there’s a lot of competition goin’ on at all kinds of Social Networking platforms. Twitter is no different. Some people basically join it to promote their products and services. If you want to promote your business or a website, please, for the love of God or whoever you believe in, don’t keep blabbering over and over again.

At the end of the day, you’d want live Twitter users to follow you and show interest in your stuff. The more you’re going to talk about your business, the less they’re going to be interested.

Solution:. Talk to people; listen to what they have to say; RT their tweets or contact through Direct Messages; show some love for what they hold dear, and you will get the same in return. It is called the act of online selflessness.

When I joined Twitter I was all in for promoting my website. My intentions were just focused on my gigs. I wouldn’t say that I was mean or rude, but Twitter is not all about sharing your things. Just be yourself and take pride in helping fellow users with whatever they require.

  • Stop being jealous if someone is getting more followers, and be at the giving end instead. People will start noticing you slowly and it’ll all come back to you sooner than you anticipated.

Even if you’re not promoting your stuff, and just trying to connect with people, your stats will hit the ceiling on their own.

My tip suggests that you should develop some emotional bonding.

  • The epileptic seizure types:

A beginner's guide to using twitter

Some Twitter users will stop following you for no reason. There’s a very SMALL percentage of such users, but we can’t deny their existence. In the first few days of my Twitter ventures, I had this guy who started following me. He had a blog about Sports and Entertainment. I told him that I liked his sports updates and that he should keep on with the good work.

BAM… next day, he stopped following me. 3 days later, he started following me again. Don’t know what went wrong with him, but something was definitely not working. Stop getting bothered by these individuals, your goals are meant for something bigger.

  • Remember the name… or at least try to:

My first follower on Twitter was “Fred Tracy”. To this date, I remember most of the followers. I know their names, their Tweeting patterns, likes, dislikes and etc. It’s just that I’m too observant and I like to keep things that way.

  • There’re more; Carson V. Heady, he’s a self-made person, an author and an excellent salesman.
  • There’s Zzaina, Editor of Quint Magazine, one of the classiest online magazines. If I go on with the name thing, it’ll take my whole day. You get the point now, don’t you?

Coming to the name thing; if you know someone by name, it’s going to help you a lot. People like it when someone refers to them through the name thing. They’ll start feeling a connection with you, and they’ll respect you for the way you treat ‘em.

  • I’m a hot babe – follow me syndrome:

Anna Kenrik during her performance - image courtesy of NewCastle media

This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. A lame marketing expert or a guy with sexual disorientation issues normally creates a Twitter profile. This profile has picture of a lassy female and that’s all they need. Usually, followers see these pics and follow these users, without even checking in on their Tweets.

At times, all these “Hot Babes” are talking about is, Cheap offers on Air Conditioners, Friday Night Special, LollaPaloozas and etc. If one of these babes is following you, Block them, it’s no use to you.

  • Thank them and be sincere about it:

I thank all sorts of people for following me on Twitter. My messages usually bid them farewell with challenges they’re up against, hellos and Hi’s, and anything that’s nice and cheesy. You can also use “Social Oomph” services for creating a message, but make it look real and genuine. I wouldn’t recommend Social Oomph, unless or until you have more than 100 followers.

Some of your followers will actually reply to your messages with the same level of kindness and courteousness.

  • Don’t cry wolf – No one will hear you:

Yesterday, there was this guy on Twitter, who was literally tweeting: “Damn I need more followers. Oh I f***ing need more followers. Follow me back”. I checked out his account, he a handful of followers. Usually he tweets as if he’s high on Caffeine of something.

Your fellow Twitter users will block you and “Unfollow” you from their account. They don’t want spammers. Ask yourself this question: “Do I really want to see the same type of Tweets from the same person, every 10 minutes?”