It’s about time if you have been constantly getting the “Not enough space” error on your PS4. Sadly, one solution is to delete your old video games, but a more convenient option is to install a new hard drive with a bigger space and more room for all the media.

When I surveyed PS4 players who were encountering memory space issues, I found out that most of the players were reluctant to go for a new PS4 hard drive. The reason doesn’t have to do with the dilemma of opening the PS4 body and installing the fresh storage media, but it turns out that players who downloaded all their games don’t want to re-download them again.

On the contrary, if you have physical copies of the PS4 games, you can always delete the installed game to make space for new game files installation. As long as this particular option is working for you, chances are that you will hardly opt-in for a new hard drive installation. Also, the fact that you are not able to use an external portable Hard drive as a secondary hard drive for your PS4, discourages players from taking the leap.

Which SSD/ Solid state drive or hybrid drive to buy for my PS4?

But again we move forward, because sooner or later greatness and comfort lies in a robust high speed hard drive. Don’t get me wrong… the default PS4 hard drive is good but it’s been made as a standard drive for all PS4s. Some players crave higher data reading speed and more memory space. This is where these hard drives come in:

Samsung 840 EVO series for PS4:

Samsung is currently offering top of the line Solid State Drives in different capacities. There are other companies as well; OCZ, Kingston, Hitachi etc.; it comes down to Samsung for many users though. The current models that are mainly recommended for PS4 enthusiasts are Samsung 840 EVO and Samsung 840 EVO pro series. Do bear in mind that if you have no budget constraints, you can go for pricier models depending on top tier Samsung hard drives.


Still if you are not interested in a pure SSD, you can go for hybrid SSD, otherwise known as a SSHD. Seagate and various other companies are offering such drives within the capacity of 1 Tb and beyond. Not only does these drives have a smaller size, but they have an average high RPM, hence resulting in fast data accessibility.

What about Tuoro – HGST and Western Digital hard drives for PS4?

Yes, these are other two options if a SSD is out of your budget. HGST/ Hitachi is offering 1 and 2 Tb SSHD variants. I’d recommend the 2 TB HGST Tuoro because by default, Sony is already offering 1 TB PS4s. It’d be better if we just go for the 2 TB capacity hard disk with ideally an RPM of 7200. Some inferior quality drives offer 5400 RPM speed, at the cost of high storage capacity, but you would be bargaining game loading time speed too.

Closing thoughts:

I, too, want to change my PS4 hard drive. Yes, budget is a reason but that’s temporary. What bothers me more is the hassle of installing the new hard drive and backing up all data in it. In general, the process finishes up in couple of hours. However, the plus point is the overall sense of satisfaction and convenience once you are done with it.

If you have already changed your PS4 hard drive, please send me an email at, stating the drive name, model and overall experience as well. I’d be more than happy to add it to this article as a recommendation.