What the heck is ‘Dukan Diet’? Does it Help Lose Fat?


Obese people would give anything to shed a few pounds. No pun intended, but it is a known fact that an overweight person goes to an extent when he/she’d do anything to lose weight.

The loser approach to weight loss is through medication or extreme surgical methods. We have heard of duodenal surgery and the new “tongue patch” treatment – what’s the point of torturing yourself?

To top it all off, whenever they see those celebs with their perfect physique; the entire weight loss campaign takes a wrong turn. By that, I mean, people who don’t have the first idea about dieting, they start starving themselves. It is a huge misconception, dieting doesn’t mean starving; in fact dieting is just the proper order and selection of food that is supposed to be taken on timely basis.

The Dukan Diet regime can do wonders for you, or maybe not as it depends on your physique and the way your body will respond to it. The program was developed by a French nutritionist (Dr. Dukan) several years ago. Since then, the Dukan Diet program has had amazing results and most of the celebs use it to maintain their physique.

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Here is a crash course about this diet package;

Attack, Cruise, Consolidate and Stabilize

  • The Dukan Diet system works on the above 4 principles. The subject is advised to hit himself/herself hard, where it hurts the most. Yep, start avoiding fatty foods and stick to a pure protein diet. Break your meals and take everything in moderation for 20 to 35 days.
  • The next stage is to Cruise through your diet package. Opt for veggies that include mushroom, salads, sprouts, fibrous food and spinach. Boiled vegetable is preferred more than the raw one.
  • The third step of Dukan Diet is rather comfortable. It’s about maintaining your weight at one specific point. Stick to a mixture of protein and vegetable based diet routine. Break your meals to six portions and drink a heavy amount of water on daily basis.
  • Lastly, stabilize yourself by taking one day off diet. You can eat a little bit of something that your heart desire, but treat yourself to a vigorous workout after the junk food adventure.

By the way if you have used the Dukan Diet program, you can share your experience here. It doesn’t matter if it was a great experience or a terrible one; just let the whole world know how it felt.