Whenever you log on to a tracking based service, or let’s say a cell phone which prompts you to enable Google location service, you are agreeing to having your information stored in their servers.

Technically this is not a big deal, but evidence has suggested that Google can use information about your whereabouts to 3rd party companies to serve you personalized location based ads, and also keep tabs on you in accordance to government surveillance programs.

Your Google map locations are highlited like this

This is what your location history looks like in your Google Maps menu

There is also another thing; even though you will probably end up appreciating some of the restaurant or clothing lines ads that are nearest to your location, you will not appreciate the fact that Google can misuse your information in any way it deems possible. For instance, if you are logged into Google Chrome via your Google account, the option to store your search history and other information is enabled by default.

Google does mention the latter in its ToS agreement that the company stores your information, cookies and stuff that may or may not lead the government to carry on surveillance operations against you; you can manually disable that feature. You just have to log into your account, and then click the Settings Gear and Account Settings tab individually in Chrome browser to see where the option is check marked.

Disable your Google location history:

Likewise when you see the settings gear icon in your app or browser, keep an eye out for Google Maps Location history option. Usually, you can find this option after clicking the History settings menu. Disable the location history to avoid Google from saving your information.

Delete your Google Maps location data by going into your settings menu in Google Account

The important thing to remember is that 30 days prior to disabling your Maps location history, Google will keep that data. They “delete” the data after a month. So technically, if you disabled the location history today, your previous data dating back to a month’s time period will still be available. The good news is that the new history data will not get stored.

What about Google and GPS Location programs?

Here is a situation which is probably unavoidable. At least, I don’t know how to avoid it. When you want to use a GPS location program to drive to your destination, you have to enable Google location history storage. Maybe I am wrong or my information is outdated but the last time when I checked, my HTC One X was prompting me to enable Google location service in order to access GPS program.

To only delete specific location data from your Google Maps location history, click the red dots on the map. After selection a “Delete from History” popup will show. Click/ tap this option and you are god to go. iOS users can access relevant information/ settings page through their

You can also delete a specific location from your history. Click on one of the red points on the map Google Settings, followed by Privacy and then Location Services options. They will have to switch the slider to “Off” position where it says Google Maps.