The EU is not all about financial crisis and forming policies among the European countries because a huge part of the European Union has its hands full with a variety of tech savvy world. Last Monday was a little bit shocking for the famous Blackberry developer – RIM, because of the E.U’s announcements.

It is now confirmed through various reports released by the European Union that they rejected the Blackberry in favor of iPhone and HTC smartphones. An EU spokesman said that security protocols of Blackberry were also one of those many issues that EU was not okay with.


A technology platform was established by the EU in 2008. Since then, over 32,000 employees have been filling in details of their experiences with various smartphones with respect to financial impact and security issues. After a period of 2 years and several security scandals with the UAE Telecom contractors, the Blackberry was declared “unfit” for use by the E.U. officials.

Moreover, governments are also extra concerned because they’ve got no way of keeping track of user related data, since RIM controls its own networks. These networks are tightly clad in servers at the RIM headquarters in Canada and Britain.