It looks like that 2012 hasn’t been a very productive year for HTC. Or maybe I should say the year 2012 hasn’t been very profitable for the company. HTC posted an unaudited financial report for the month of November. Clearly, the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer is not satisfied with the profit margin.

3d illustration of a silver and green HTC logo sitting in a puddle of silver liquid on a gray reflective surface

It is now the 13th consecutive month for HTC to witness a gradual decline in its profit percentage. This year, the revenue for the month of November has been $794 Million. Yep, it looks like a big number. But $794 Million revenue is 1/3rd of what HTC made last year in November. Clearly, the company is now struggling hard to overcome the slump…

For competitors, it might be good news that the ground is shrinking beneath HTC’s feet. However, I love this company. Like me, there are thousands of HTC fans who have a knack for its products. The last time I used HTC One V smartphone, my appreciation for this company has multiplied since then.

Obviously feelings don’t matter much in business. What HTC needs is a good strategy to fill the gaps. It would be a shame to see this great company going down like Nokia and Palm. Anyhow, Apple and Samsung Electronics have clearly battered HTC during the last couple of months. They are, no doubt, quite successful in the electronics and smartphone market.

This brings me to shed some light on Samsung’s latest invention: the Galaxy series handsets and its entire line of Galaxy Note devices. On the other hand, Apple is also doing a great job with its iPad and iPhone product line. We have the iPad Mini, the latest version of the iPhone, what more could the world ask for?

What HTC does have is its One X series handsets. They just introduced One X+; an upgraded version of the flagship One X series. Jason MacKenzie, HTC’s President is still positive. Of course, the guy is keeping a chin-up attitude in the public as if he has any other option. For now, Jason has his hopes tied to Windows 8, which is another disaster of its own kind, and the upcoming line of HTC smartphones.

Somehow, I don’t think that Windows 8 will be a great combination for latest HTC devices. But this, we will have to see in the next few months. Stay tuned fellas.