While strolling through the articles archive at CNET, author: Danny Sullivan’s post: “Will they Switch: The Kid Test: Windows vs. iPhone” really struck me as something interesting. Danny raised an important issue by taking his own kids’ example as how youngsters react and perceive the ongoing mobile phone fad. You can read the original article here.

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I thought of adding my own elements to Danny’s article at our website. One of his boys recently inquired about “that phone”, while Danny was watching a cellphone ad on the TV. Thus was born an experiment after dear old dad agreed to the fact that he happened to have the said device.

Over the past month, Danny and his kids have been experimenting with Windows Phone and the iPhone. In an attempt to decide which device is better than the other, Danny let his kids be the judge of it. As a matter of fact, the reason I thought that this article was interesting is because of the kids’ involvement in reviewing smartphones.

Since we mostly see adults talk about tech gadgets, it would be interesting to get a minor’s perspective on things that we see on day to day basis. Declan and Rhys; Danny’s kids aged between 14 and 12 year group were initially fascinated by Windows Phone because of the way those application “tiles” kept moving around.

As compared to the iPhone 4, the tiles effect was cool, and they can be resized as well. The credit goes to folks at Microsoft; perhaps one of the very few people who really know what the term: “originality” implies. A lot of times, these days, ideas don’t come off as original. I mean look at how Facebook is incorporating the Hashtag culture; something copied from Twitter.

Danny has an HTC 8X – Windows Phone. Lucky for him, the guy got it in a conference when Microsoft showcased the phone for the first time. There’s a lack of Google Voice support, so not only Danny but other members of his family feel a little awkward when they go out with this cellphone. They prefer taking other mobiles.

Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X – Declan and Rhys’s Story:

Microsoft agreed to lend these kids a phone for review purposes. Declan got the HTC 8X, while Rhys ended up with the Nokia Lumia 920. I am not a huge fan of Nokia as a brand, but never mind – let’s move on with the subject matter here.

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HTC 8X available in multiple colors

HTC 8X Sucks Because?

Overall, the HTC 8X does not suck. However, there are a few things that the kid didn’t like – and if a kid does not approve of a smartphone, then there’s something cranky in there. Some people will definitely beg to differ at this point. Yeah, what does a kid know about a smartphone, when there are experts who really know how to review a device?

Just for fun’s sake, let’s just have the kids go with it.

  • What? No Instagram???

One of the turn offs for Declan was the lack of Instagram in his HTC 8X. In fact, if Instagram would have been there, the HTC 8X would have won him over. This simple application allows kids and adults to unequivocally browse through pictures, like them, and share visual content with the entire world.

There were alternatives, such as; Bubblegum. For those who are not acquainted with Bubblegum, it is an application with similar filters as that of Instagram. However, to Declan, it was still a turn off. Bubblegum is not Instagram and nothing can replace the kid’s favorite social network. Yikes!

I can only look at pictures. I can’t post anything of my own. It’s kind of annoying, if you like to be social,” he expressed his opinion about the lack of Instagram on HTC 8X. If you have an HTC 8X Windows Phone, you’ll see that the Windows App store returns the following results whenever someone types down “Instagram” in there.

  • The Not so Cool Tiles:

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that Declan initially liked the Tiles Effect, when he watched the Windows Phone commercial on the TV. Later on when he got to interact with these so called tiles, his opinion seemed to be a little different than before. “The tiles where what drew me in. but then they didn’t work as well as I thought. They looked cool, but when it comes to using then, it’s kind of confusing.”

The fact that Windows Phone tiles are not loaded with labels on small size, you never know what the said tile is representing. On large and medium size, the tiles do have labels. But what if you have a lot of application, which you will eventually have, what are going to do then?

On the subject of tiles in HTC 8X, Declan said, “I have no idea what that’s supposed to be. It’s some lady. You have to have them big to have labels.”

  • Huzzah! It’s a Cool Calculator:

I’m happy for Declan. The kid finally came down to liking the calculator. The in built calculator in most cellphones is the least used application. Granted that you happen to have the kind of job or academic designation where calculators are mandatory, the HTC 8X calculator isn’t too shabby.

Other than that, Declan also loved the fact that whenever he rotated the People tile at “large” size, showed different contact photos. I’d have to agree here; this features does look cool because I tried it on my brother’s HTC 8X as well.

Kudos to you Declan.

Over to Rhys’s Nokia Lumia 920 – size does matter:

You will not believe it but I have been watching the Nokia Lumia 920 commercial for fifth time in a row. It isn’t my fault. My wife is watching some kinda boring show and within each break, they cut the camera to Nokia Lumia 920 – the mighty and the majestic smartphone for people from all walks of life. Yeah, right….

Holding the Nokia Lumia 920 - Engadget Images

Rhys, Danny’s other son, liked the Nokia Lumia 920 because of its big screen. Compared to the HTC 8X Windows Phone, the Lumia 920 does have some extra real estate to show off. Rhys watched a few movies, using Netflix through his 920. It was fun. At least, it was a nice change for Danny to see his kid extra attentive this time. On the iPhone, because of the small screen, Rhys had trouble viewing video content.

Gaming sucks sometimes on Windows phones:

It’s the same story with Nokia Lumia 920. Rhys tried ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’ and was shocked to see that it was priced at $5. The fact that the same game is available for $1 at the iPhone app store, it turned out to be a huge turn off for the kid.

To be honest, Rhys isn’t the only kid, or an average gamers, who has complaints regarding this issue. Someone needs to fix those price tags. The same game that’s available in the Android PlayStore and over at the iTunes market, is priced a little higher in Windows App store. Even Danny doesn’t know who to blame in this case.

Rhys was sold after trying the Nokia Lumia 920. He left the iPhone behind after Danny noticed that Rhys had left the iPhone on his desk when going on a short vacation. Even though it does not prove that Rhys is all up for the Nokia Lumia 920, it does signify the kid’s preference pattern.

When asked to sum up his opinion about the Nokia Lumia 920 against the iPhone, Rhys said, “Overall, it just felt more unique. It felt as if I had control of the phone and was able to do more things with it.”

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‘Infinarium’ supports Danny Sullivan on ‘Note about Commenting’:

Admit it, Danny is a father. He does not approve of, or like it when people start using abusive language against his kids’. Phone and tech product reviews, especially from “inexperienced” little fellas, such as; Declan and Rhys, tend to attract haters. Danny just let his kids review the smartphone for the sake of experimenting on a unique level.

In his own words, at CNET, Danny expresses his concern about commenting as:

On a personal note, phone reviews are often a magnet for abusive fanboy comments. Both my children weren’t trying to be experts in their use of Windows Phone, nor trying to cheerlead for or attack any particular brand. It was just an experiment to see if they found Windows Phone compelling enough to leave the iPhone behind.

Whether you’re an iPhone lover, a Windows Phone lover, or an Android lover, you are welcome to comment and point out issues. But please do so in a constructive manner. My boys will naturally want to read the responses themselves, and I’d hate for them to see adults acting immaturely.

Danny, you have our full support on this issue. If you are reading this article, you should know that there are people who do care about providing a safe haven to kids on the internet. Haters are always going to hate for no apparent reason. Don’t worry.