Hello world, I am typing this down from the future. Of course, you don’t like Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook because you think that it sucks. No it doesn’t. Also, you are of the view that Windows and Mac are going to be there till the Doomsday. But let me tell you that things are not gonna be the same forever. You just have to have a change of heart and some spanking sessions with your inner self, called: “perspective”.

Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook Review for Pansies:

For starters, Google Chromebook reviews are way too uncommon. While I was working as a low paid tech writer over at some website that no one gives a crap about anymore (www.toptechreviews.net). [Side Note: “Do not work as a writer for these guys, they will suck you in on late payments.”], I covered a couple of news pieces about Google Chromebook.

Years passed by and I forgot about it. I thought that by now, on an overall scale, Chromebook OS would have been “Da Thing”. Sadly, not many people know about it. Hell, if you ask me, not many people are willing to buy Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook device or any product with a word Chromebook in it.

The Good Stuff about Samsung Chromebook | Series 5 550 at Your Disposal:

  • This baby’s got more RAM than the previous Chromebook devices in the market.
  • Google claims that it takes ONE SECOND to turn the Chromebook On from sleep mode. I tested it and yes, it works! Goodbye lame laptops that wake up 10 minutes later after lifting the lid!
  • Faster processor in the Samsung Series 5 550 series adds to quick file processing time and an overall nice degree of responsiveness 

Samsung Chromebook 5 550 Spec Sheet

It doesn’t end here. There are some further things that I’d like to add to the Good Stuff section of Samsung 5 550 but let it rest for now. Besides, I always love to add descriptive notes to my small bullet style notes that are probably notes related to some other notes! That doesn’t make sense and I’d like for you to proceed with reading the review. Otherwise you will be lost in the “note of notes of notes” loophole.

The Low Down to Buying a Samsung Chromebook Series 5?

Why We Think that Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook is Cool?

If you are hooked to reading CNET reviews and making opinions based on it, I would really resent that. The last time they wrote an article about the Series 5 550, it was Sarah Tew. Now I don’t know her personally and I haven’t had the experience of interacting with her online, but some people thought she was being a bitch of a biased person.

For instance, one of the commenter wrote this:


Yeah, she might be having some sort of biasness towards Chromebook based products. But what if Chromebook OS is in for the long run? Users don’t see it that way but you don’t know if Google might be close to owning a second to best operating system ever.

The Concept behind Chromebook 5 Samsung 550 Model?

The concept is pretty simple and straight forward. They wanted to build a system based on the premise of Chrome OS. Day by day, more people are reverting to staying focused on their browsers. If you are willing to imagine that, think about the time you spend inside a browser window every day. You will be amazed.

So Google wrapped up a simple concept with an 8 hour battery life, very fast processor speed and a browser like experience. If it doesn’t impress you, very few laptops out there have an 8 hour battery life. Most of them simply die within the first few hours due to multi-tasking, processor load and application run time load.

But then again, you have to be ready to accept the change. Generally, users are not ready to accept Chromebook as an OS. As a matter of fact, the word “Chrome” itself sends out that browser like feeling. Everyone thinks that the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook will have the Chrome browser like software in it and that’s it!

Well, yeah the Chromebook devices have a browser like experience. But what is the best part of having a device like that? Wait for it…. Wait for it… 

 Chrome OS Devices are Secure by Default

Chromebook 5 550 Samsung Video Review | Courtesy of YouTube

So what is there to lose? What is the harm in giving Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook a shot? You can purchase it from Amazon if you want. There is a grace period; the product can always be returned within the grace period. Let’s say if Amazon is offering a 30 day grace period on a fresh purchase of the 550 Chromebook, you don’t have to get any second thoughts about it.

What about the Applications on the Chromebook 5 550 Samsung?

Chrome OS is an entirely different idea. It is the internet and the World Wide Web that’s going to be running on your computer. This means that there is no Windows, there is no Mac. Did you understand this statement? I hope you did.

The idea of “hey, is it just the browser and that’s all?” seems very limiting. However, you can do a lot. You can work with Google Drive, spreadsheets, documents, apps at various online websites and stores, multimedia editing, video and voice chatting – so on and so forth. Also there are free and paid solutions right there in the Chrome Store.

Speed and First Time User Experience with Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook?

Setup is probably out of question on any Chromebook. I haven’t used other models but I know that there is generally no “setup” or installation of any kind. Yes, for the first time, upon fresh purchase, Chromebook 550 does search for updates. But they are core updates and they are never ever installed again.

The first time you turn on this device, it will ask you for your account information. So you log in with your Google ID. Some background checks are made for any available core software update and that’s it. Afterwards it is just you, a brilliantly designed device and tons of things to explore.

For the first time, just like Windows OS, the Chrome OS also gives a visual tutorial. You are shown how to click, where to click and some small intro about new things. As far as the speed and processing time is concerned, it is amazingly fast. Everything happens instantly. Even if you are turning on the Samsung 5 550 Chromebook from a shutdown state, it will take 6 to 7 seconds to boot up.

Last but not the least, another user from CNET thinks that Samsung 550 Chromebook is great. This is what he said:

Editor Note:

Samsung did not pay me to write this post in their product’s favor. I just have an open mind and like to accept change. Call it my survival instinct or an ability to adapt to new stuff immediately. Oh and the images are courtesy of Amazon and CNET both. 

Word from Developers:

Skip the waiting and forget the setup. With the innovative, Web-optimized Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 laptop, you can go straight online to create content, share favorite moments, and enjoy entertainment at the drop of a hat–the Chromebook will wake from sleep in just 1 second! Weighing just over 3 pounds, the ultra-compact design provides maximum portability without compromising on functionality and optimal performance.