Jose’ Javier, a 12-year old boy was billed $112,000 by Google in AdWords campaign. However, followed by the Javier family’s requests through proper channel, the search engine cancelled the outstanding dues and let it slide.

Despite of the fact that Google has made it obvious that both AdWords and AdSense are different platforms, it turns out that some people are not clear about it. The latter being a source for making money online, while AdWords helps companies or individuals promote their brand as per appropriate keyword campaigns.

Jose’ Javier is a trumpet player in his band: ‘Los Salerosos’. In an attempt to promote his band via Google, he made the mistake of advertising through Google AdWords.  At the time of launching the advertisement campaign, young Javier was unaware of the fact that Google bills the account holder in accordance to the overall number of clicks and individual keyword rate set in the campaign.

The bill that amounted to $112,000 was cancelled only after the unsuspecting boy’s family sought legal help. A Google representative later on informed the concerned family of the company’s decision by saying, We have looked into this case and we haven’t received any money from the user. We are cancelling the outstanding AdWords balance.”

Indeed, the boy was lucky to have his mistake forgiven. Normally, Google takes proper action against defaulters, beginning with termination of their AdWords account. As it turns out, Jose’ Javier intended to use AdSense in the first place, but ended up selecting AdWords due to a lack of information at his end…