zsa zsa gabor during her prime years

Zsa Zsa Gabor – Back when the first version of “Moulin Rouge” and “Lili” was released, she mesmerized the whole world with her stunningly beautiful performance. The current generation may not know her but this Hungarian actress knew how to move about behind the big screen.

zsa zsa gabor in her most recent photograph

It’s sad to know that Gabor is now at a particular stage of life, which we all like to stay away from. Yep, it’s the golden old age when your bones go frail and your skin turns wrinkly, and all you can think of is the past. Apart from her pompous marriage statuses, I just wanted to admire this woman and reflect upon her achievements in the acting world. Presently, no one knows what she’s up to, or what she’s going through. For all I know, she just had her right leg amputated. Well, not exactly the whole leg, but a major portion of it is gone.

According to Gabor’s husband – Prince Fredrick Von Anhalt, “She talks to me and she smiles a bit. But she doesn’t know about the amputation.” Generally speaking, if I had undergone an amputation surgery, I’d definitely feel a huge “chunk” missing. Probably, the only reason she doesn’t know of it, is because of the high morphine and sedation effect.

Von Anhalt intends to break the news anytime soon. Yes, it’ll hurt Gabor and she’ll be going through mixed feelings of disbelief, shock and loneliness. But then again, the doctors diagnosed her with a gangrene infection, which could have claimed her life.

God bless Zsa Zsa Gabor and may she find peace and solace in her life. She’s currently recovering in the ULCA Ronald Reagan Medical Center – L.A.