Despite of the hotel incident, actor Charlie Sheen is still flying high with his alcohol addiction. Seeing to the seriousness of the situation, the Warner Bros Executives want the actor to seek enrollment in a proper rehab program – they’re willing to shut down the ongoing program for that purpose.

actor charlie sheen in an indated file photo

A source close to Charlie Sheen suspects that he may end up dead, if adequate measures against his addiction are not taken. Over at the “Two and a Half Men” set, fellow actors and the show’s officials don’t want to lose the valued actor.

Let’s admit it; Sheen did give spectacular performance in a lot of flicks. The guy is just going through a rough phase and he needs help. The current situation has reached a point where Warner Bros executives want to cancel all of Sheen’s appointment. They’re not doing it out of hatred or anything; they’re just concerned about his health and life.

Speaking of life, his marital status is far from perfect. What Sheen needs at this time, is a lot of love. He’s been complaining about severe abdominal pains on a day to day basis. If his ailing health continues to deteriorate at the current rate, they might just kick him off set. On the bright side, Charlie has been showing up for work every day. At least the partying didn’t stop him from his work commitments.