Renowned Hollywood actor: Robin Williams’ bike collection is currently for sale at Paddle8 website to help fund charities that the actor strongly advocated during his life. The untimely death of Robin Williams was not deemed an unfortunate loss for the industry, but also left a scarring emotion on millions of fans throughout the world.


Paddle8 auctions Robin Williams’ prized bicycle collection:

Throughout his life, Williams was known to stand up for people with disabilities, by organizing charity events or taking active part in various fundraiser campaigns. After more than two years since his death, Paddle8 is hosting an online auction against 87 of Robin Williams’s personally owned bicycles.

The event will end on October 25, 2016 and proceeds will go to help fund two charities (The Challenged Athletes Foundation, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation) that the actor cared about in his lifetime.  Paddle8 got these bikes as donation from the actor’s children; Zelda, Cody and Zak.

During a press statement, members of the Williams family said, Though bright, skin-tight spandex still remains one of the more embarrassing outfits to regularly witness your Dad wearing growing up, the sport of biking and the people Dad helped through his love of it will always hold a special place in the hearts of our family.

And though not required, may we suggest wearing the loudest, most vibrant and brightly-patterned, skintight biking gear possible when riding them? Keep the tradition alive.

Meanwhile at Paddle8 auction page, the bicycle collection ranges from casual, luxury and quirky. For instance, take the example of Schwinn unicycle of the Z Turbo Electric scooter; both of which are not ideal for a potential buyer’s daily cycling rituals, but still end up adding a sentimental value nonetheless.

Representatives of The Challenged Athlete Foundation have always regarded Robin Williams with utmost respect. It is estimated that the auction will help raise approx. $200,000, hence resulting in a tremendous support for both non-profit organizations.