SHELBYVILLE, Tenn – Torry Hansen was so keen on becoming a mother that she adopted an older child from a foreign country. Seems like Russia is pretty notorious for 7 years old kids because once this kid named “Justin” flew in from Russia, Torry’s fears came true.

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The 7 year old boy had a history of violence and unpredictable mood swings, which he also managed to prove by burning his new family’s house – down to ashes. First he drew pictures of this new house being burned and then he executed his plan accordingly. Immediately, he was sent back to Russia with a free return ticket and a heavy sigh of relief from those new parents, back in Tennessee.

Nancy Hansen, Mother of Torry Hansen told the press that our intentions were pure. We planned on loving this kid “Justin” and my daughter was initially very happy to have him there for her. Our whole family was excited about this adoption thing.

The boy seemed normal to everyone but his irregular behavioral patterns started showing up after a few weeks. Torry believes that the Russian orphanage authorities just wanted to get rid of this little menace once and for all and for that very purpose, they lied to her about the boy.

Torry Hansen did try to take care of him like a good mother but the little kid didn’t live up to her expectations. Every time, he was denied of something (video games, toys), he would blaze up in a fury and always threatened to kill the family members.

Folks, say good bye to flowery quotes like, “Love begets love”. Torry Hansen believed that she could change “Justin” through her immense love and care. Seems like, she was wrong and failed to make any positive changes to his stubborn nature.

By the way, this entire incident reminds me of that movie where this girl had dwarfism and she looked like a kid. She was also from some remote Eastern European region. The girl was in her 30’s but due to dwarfism, she had the face and body of a kid. It looks like the same thing happened here when those poor unsuspecting people filed the adoption papers for Justin. Or perhaps it was Justine???….

You never know.