Graco Stroller ImageWhat does it take for Graco to recall its 2 million baby strollers?

– Bad rep?

– Durability issues?

– Worker strike?

– Supply conflicts?

– Distribution strategy errors?

Sadly, all the above options can be swapped in for the tragic death of 4 infants. Yes, Graco is recalling the doomed strollers because of several cases where infants choked to death. The common thing among those infants was that they got trapped in the leg opening chute under the tray.

The 2 million stroller consignment was spread all over the U.S. and in the international market. Retailers included;

– Babies R Us

– Burlington Coat Factory

– Fred Meyer

– Kmart Meijers

– Navy Exchange

– Sears

– Walmart

– Amazon

– Target


Did I forget to mention any other company’s name? If so then you can add that retailer to the above list. Other than the 4 infant strangulation deaths, 5 received bruises and cut marks, and one infant reportedly had trouble in breathing. If you’re using one of those strollers from Graco that were manufactured between 2008 – 2010, then beware of the following fact;

– Infants can become wedged between the stroller tray and seat bottom. Please strap them properly and have them under your watchful eyes.