They call her “Jihad Jane” (real name Colleen LaRose), a 47 year old American woman, who’s definitely an evident Muslim supporter. Looks like her Christianity and religious views have little or nothing to do with her life, as she was hell bent on making a “change” through her actions.

Colleen Larose file photo from police archives

Currently, LaRose is passing time in the slammer, until the judge pounds her with a couple of sentences. She was recently caught because of her open online activities under the alias “Jihad Jane”. Call her crazy or sane, but the woman wanted to blow a particular guy to smithereens? And who might that be? Well folks, LaRose was planning to kill a Swedish artist who recently drew pictures of Prophet Muhammad.

During her recent hearing in a Philadelphia court, she said that she isn’t mentally unstable, and she entered the plea as per her own wishes. The woman seemed to be a lively person as she passed a couple of comments which made a few heads turn, and a number of lips curve.

According to FBI investigations, LaRose has been supporting Muslim militant groups through several online platforms. The process has been going on since 2008, which the authorities like to call a “Shadow Life” of this woman. Jihad Jane wasn’t her only nickname, she also used to appear online through the following IDs:



She was a Jihadist at heart and probably a lot of her Muslim buddies are going to miss her. The Police authorities are under the impression that the woman’s U.S. nationality was help her blend in with the rest of the terrorist crowd. The U.S. A.G – David Kriss, During LaRose’s case hearing, said, “Today’s guilty plea, by a woman from suburban America who plotted with others to commit murder overseas and to provide material support to terrorists, underscores the evolving nature of the threat we face.”