2010_black_hat_barnaby_jack_270x271Black hat hacker: Barnaby Jack allegedly died of drug overdose. Barnaby Jack was a well-known hacker in not only the online hackers’ communities, but also in real life. Jack recently demoed his ATM machine hacking process through the “Jackpot ATM” presentation; a highly anticipated event which was recently held during a conference.

Due to a strange turn of events, the hacker was found dead over a day ago; the dead body was discovered by his girlfriend. According to the coroner’s report, there were no signs of foul play, and strong evidence of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug was discovered at the scene.

Barnaby Jack was all set to demonstrate medical device hacking during an upcoming hackers meet up in San Francisco. Some people said that the 36 year old was about to prove it to the world that indeed pacemaker, defibrillator and insulin pump hacking was possible, hence allowing the individual to carry on a lethal attack against his/her victims.

It reminds me of that one particular scene from Homeland TV series when Sgt. Brody texted the soon-to-be dead Vice President’s defibrillator serial number to a hacker. The guy enabled the device inside the President’s chest to transmit an electric jolt, which eventually resulted in his death.

Barnaby Jack would have demonstrated the same thing during the upcoming event. Although his cause of death has been stated as drug overdose, some people believe that he was murdered. According to The Verge and a few other online sources, the hacker’s death was mourned by his real life friends and known aliases at the black hat hacking community websites.

Rest in peace Barnaby Jack, may your knowledge and skill of hardware hacking inspire others to follow you in your footsteps.