California senate members have added sexting, otherwise known as Sex Messaging, to a list of bad behavior for students. Hahaha… let’s take a moment of silence for this news to settle in.

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Okay, moving on to the finer details about the prohibitions of sexting in California schools. Well, some hypocrites from the senate have decided to make a move against horny school goers. Long time ago, a bill was passed, citing that sexting: sending or receiving or sexually explicit pictures, text messages, games, videos and images of an electronic act”, is to be refrained among school going students.

Probably some angry mom or a dad, who is part of the senate, made this rule, but it ain’t gonna stick around for long. In actuality, this bill only amends the California Education Code to a certain extent. The school can only expel you if the said sext text was:

  • Sent or Received while on school premises.
    • Easy to break this rule. Simply don’t be on the school premises while you are indulged in your romantic quests.
  • While you were going to the school or coming back from school.While you were/ are in the café during the lunch hour, either off the campus or On the campus.
    • Make sure that whenever you are sending the said “text” or MMS, you are not on your way to school or coming back from it.
  • While going to or coming from a school sponsored activity.If the “Sext” was directed to school personnel (i.e. your hot teacher) or a student.
    • School sponsored activities suck most of the time. But yeah, you’re gonna have to bear with them.

14 year olds, with their nappies flaring already, can bypass these restrictions by, let’s say, sending a naked picture to a recipient who is not part of the school.  Senator Ted Lieu says that sexting has been a very difficult problem to handle lately. According to various studies, almost 20% teens have either sent these messages or have been at the receiving end.

But who are we kidding here? Remember the last time an Indonesian politician who was part of the anti porn campaign? Well, his iPad’s web history revealed a lot of porn websites. It is indeed ironic to see a guy from parliament doing that, while pretending to resent the pornographic activities going throughout the country and on the internet.

Then there was an Italian politician who was caught for surfing “escort” websites on the iPad. I think these individuals should simply refrain from using the parliament issued iPads, computers and stuff if they are thinking of browsing for porno. That’s it.