former CEO of Sunflower Farmer market company Michael Gilliland in an undated photo

Michael Gilliland is yet another man, who gave a bad name to a well reputed string of high official posts. This wrinkled faced tart was recently accused for having illicit relationships with a minor. Already, a staggering number of police officers are conducting thorough legal investigations concerning this case. They’ve classified the case as Child Prostitution, which clearly speaks volumes about Gilliland’s reputation.

Michael Gilliland WAS the CEO of Sunflower Farmers Market, a highly famous grocery store that operates successfully at many different levels. According to initial investigations, Gilliland met this “beautiful young girl” on the internet. Soon enough, he found himself having feelings for her.

Technically speaking, this guy is probably her father’s age. Doesn’t that sound way too creepy? I mean, developing sexual feelings for someone who is at the verge of a blistering childhood. I imagine what sort of experience that young girl had to go through? And let’s not put the blame on the CEO entirely. The child’s parents should be penalized for the lack of willingness and resources to monitor their kid(s).

Prior to his arrest, Gilliland resigned from his post. Objectively speaking, the guy didn’t have any other option; they’d have fired him anyway. On the contrary, Sunflower Farmers Market’ President and C.O.O said that they appreciate the former’s C.E.O’s decision of stepping down. 

As usual, Gilliland is optimistic and thinks that he’s not guilty of anything. As of now, the C.O.O – Chris Sherrell is taking over as the new C.E.O of the company. Gilliland’s work ethics are impeccable. He joined Sunflower in 2002, and has worked diligently to promote it all over the country. He was known as a family guy, who kept to himself and brought success to the company on different occasions.

Gilliland’s reputation is stained now. Even if he didn’t commit the heinous acts of having sexual relationships with a minor, he’ll always be remembered as a bad influence on the corporate sector – That’s how people remember you. Fame is always one step behind false accusations, lies, dishonesty and distrust.