Two days ago, NATO press secretary; Oana Lungescu made announcement regarding a successful hack attempt against multiple NATO public websites. Later on, Pro Russian Ukrainian hacker group known as: Cyber Berkut, claimed responsibility for the so-called network intrusion.

The attacks were launched last Saturday against the organization’s main pages alongside its cyberdefense center website. The hackers also took down NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly website as part of their agenda. If you ask me, these hack attacks are not going to bear a lot of damage because the “evil empire” works through classified computers and data centers.

Cyber Berkut posts this image after hacking NATO websites.

If Cyber Berkut really wants to destroy NATO through a series of cyber attacks, they are going to have to pinch it where it hurts the most. On the other hand, Oana Lungescu reassured “frequent” NATO website users that the company is in the middle of fixing the recently successful DDoS attack attempts. The most these attacks did was going as far as causing a “significant” distributed “denial of service” scenario where the main pages were made unavailable to the visitors.

Oana Lungescu NATO Hack Tweet

From a political perspective, yes, you can say that these activities are a result of cross border relationships. Someone from the other side hacks the network first, the hackees get offended and then they do the same in return. This has been going on for a long time now. By the way, most of the countries, have hired professional freelance hackers to do the dirty work against foreign invaders.