DeepFace is an undergoing project at Facebook headquarters. Guys at the company’s Artificial Intelligence project development department are busy developing a software that would help the website in detecting photos the same way that any human being does.

On the contrary, I think that DeepFace’s usage goes beyond the image recognition agenda. Think of the added level of security this feature will bring; think about all the criminals who have their accounts at Facebook; they have more chances of getting caught. Since we all know that the FBI and the CIA heavily favor Facebook, DeepFace does not come as a surprise to society’s thinkers.

But that’t not the point here; the point is that DeepFace is something extra ordinary and innovative. And if i were to go on about Facebook conspiracy theories, i’d end up with a 12 page thesis; frankly nobody cares about such stuff. 

How far will Facebook facial recognition software go

DeepFace features image scanning, rotation, matching and correction; features that would otherwise take hours for someone to go through if they were a step-by-step process. Facebook has the image cropping and cutting options whenever you are in the middle of changing profile pics. However, DeepFace is expected to make things easier.

Even if we think about image rotation; you can probably rotate your photos to some extent to bring out your best side. Currently in Beta mode, the A.I project has received some critical feedback from a number of people. As a matter of fact, CNET’s author recently wrote the following statements about DeepFace:

The sophisticated system was trained using a data set of more than 4 million facial images of 4,000 people. Facebook’s method proved accurate 97.25 percent of the time, according to the company’s recently published paper, “DeepFace: Closing the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Verification.”