Darlene Mathis - Up close and personalAmong several other charges, Darlene Mathis, a D.C. based interior designer, was accused of money laundering by the U.S. Department of Justice authorities. This is an old case, which I have been pursuing since 2010. However, since then, a lot of stuff has happened and I wanted to bring to light a certain number of facts that people don’t know.

Darlene happens to be a senior level interior designer, with contracts amounting to several million dollars in the past. She is also a wife to a high profile judge, and used to be an active member of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Her company, Systems Design Inc. was doing well, but not too well according to Mathis’s standards. The company secured most of the contracts by falsifying documents, portfolios and through false claims. Mathis was sentenced to prison time, and a hefty $389,738 was to be paid to Customs and Clearance department as fine.

Darlene’s husband did not comment on the case. Most of the time, he was too embarrassed to show his face in public. The law making authorities grew suspicious of the designer’s activities in March 2008, when she was “offered” a $1.3 million contract to renovate the Immigrations and Customers Enforcement (ICE) building. Someone tipped off on her, which eventually led to her downfall.

In one of the Department of Justice reports, it was said, “Mathis, alongside her co-conspirators has misrepresented independent contractors as the company’s employees. She also submitted false information regarding their background and created fake documents of the company’s past performance in order to convince officials for securing the contract.”