We have all heard about the 3D printer craze. People have been printing computer parts, sculptures, busts and small household items. On the other hand when we go to the commercial level, I have seen doctors printing thin filament heart membrane and such other organic things, which are basically in beta stage.

A view of the under development 3D printing house project

However, I was bemused last week when I heard that a group of Dutch architects are using a giant 20 foot 3D printer to print life sized house. The so called “3D Print Canal House” project will be showcased later on this year in Amsterdam, while the architects are carefully crafting the interior household items.

According to the project’s co-founder: Hans Vermeule, “We bought a container from the Internet and we transformed it into one of the biggest printers on this planet.” KamerMaker, the printer in question, is a custom made printer which is capable of printing anything weighing up to an estimated weight limit.

For instance, the architects, printed the 400 Lbs. staircase and a number of building blocks for the house. As far as the questions concerning supporting structure and internal steel grids is concerned, the developers will be using a special foam, which once dried, reaches a hard-like-cement form. It is still unknown whether the “3D Print Canal House” will be used only for art purpose, or for actual living agenda.

For the first time in history, over half of the world’s population is living in cities. We need a rapid building technique to keep up the pace with the growth of the megacities. And we think 3D printing can be that technique,” said Vermeulen.