Some call him a defector, a traitor, a whistleblower and a former spy. But to a father, he’s just a son stranded away from his family. Russia granted the former NSA agent asylum soon afterwards he leaked details concerning the agency’s surveillance operations alongside hints of PRISM program.

Edward Snowden Featured in Guardian

Lon Snowden, Edward Snowden’s father spoke to the Russian reporters at the airport soon after he landed. He hopes to see his son in good health and expects the Russian authorities to take care of him. Lon also indicated that he has no direct contact with Edward, which means that they haven’t communicated through phone calls or other modes of communication – at least that’s what the situation appears to be.

The father of the former whistleblower expresses his gratitude that his son is secure and in safe hands – above all, Snowden is free. Back in the United States, Edward Snowden is facing espionage and treason charges against the country. Given that one day IF he is extradited or chooses to go back to the U.S., will he be facing a direct sentencing or a fair trial?

Edward Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena has not disclosed the former agent’s location. Sources suggest that the Russian authorities are willing to grant him an extension under unknown conditions. All that Mr. Lon Sonwden had to say to the reporters was, “I am not sure my son will be returning to the U.S. again. That’s his decision, he is an adult. I am his father, I love my son and … I certainly hope I will have an opportunity to see my son.”

I really have no idea what his intentions are,” Lon added, but he comprehended his son’s actions as just survival instincts and the need to feel free and safe; away from harm’s way.