“60 Minutes” is a rare interview, where big time rapper Eminem talks about his life. in just one hour, he disclosed so much that people were truly impressed by his life story. The interview will was aired on TV on October 10th 2010.

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The rapper talks about his childhood, those days of his vile youth and practically a nonexistent life. “There was so much hatred; blacks were against whites and whites against them. I remember recalling those times when I used to get beat up because I was a new kid.

Eminem chuckled and said, “Yeah, I remained that ‘new kid’ a lot of times. I’d change school 2 or 3 times a year and never went beyond the 9th grade.” Interviewer Anderson Cooper briefly followed Eminem in “60 Minutes” to various places that were a major point in this rapper’s life.

Eminem was more than glad to show those underground rap clubs, where he used to grind against the black rappers. The “white” rapper talks about his early days in Detroit and how he managed to survive those tough times.

At one point, Eminem spoke about his near death experience that occurred in 2007. If it weren’t for the immediate rescue, he’d have been dead. Do watch the interview and let us know about your perceptions regarding Eminem.