B.S. Detector, a plugin recently launched to help people prevent visits to fake news/ fake update websites on the internet, has now been blocked at Facebook. For what? If you may ask. Well, for the same reasons that the plugin was made to do.

B.S. Detector was recently very active at Facebook, and a lot of users reportedly thought that it was a test feature that Facebook developers themselves were carrying out at their side. Naturally, people began to support the plugin at its Chrome and Project Hunt webpage, where they also took measures to properly install it in their browsers.

However, as it turns out, Facebook developers were oblivious to the origin or working of the B.S. Detector plugin. Evidently when people from TechCrunch and other popular websites contacted Facebook officials to “commemorate” them for their valiant efforts against spam content, the guys were like, “Duh… so there’s an anti-spam website with manual links submission? We are not aware of it. Gwarsh… Ahyuk

As usual, the brown-nosed developers blocked B.S. Detector and the official B.S. Detector website from any kind of submissions at Facebook. Isn’t it ironic? They want to somehow punish the brilliant creator of B.S. Detector plugin by going down to another level of low self-esteem and proceeding to block a website/ plugin that has been a valuable contribution to Facebook.

Now if you try to publish a link from B.S. Detector domain or the B.S. Detector plugin, to spread the word about spam content websites, Facebook won’t let you do that. A warning sign pops up, hence stopping you from proceeding.

In response to the assholic reaction from Facebook developers/ community managers, Daniel Sieradski, creator of B.S. Detector plugin said, “I believe they are doing this because of TechCrunch article that came out yesterday, falsely identifying a screenshot of my plugin as an official Facebook feature under development at the social media platform. It would seem I have caused them embarrassment by showing them to be full of bullshit when it comes to their supposed inability to block and address to fake news. They are punishing me for it.”

As of this moment, B.S. Detector is working for Chrome users, i.e. if they have installed the plugin through the official app store. Facebook has made a lot of promises in the past to help users against prevention of spam content, but these efforts or commitments are yet to be fulfilled.

Sieradski, buddy, you may not know about me or this small website, but we support you 100% and wish you best of luck.