The Middle Finger Icon for Facebook - Google ImagesAs per the recent chain of troubles that Facebook vented about, some people are calling this company – The Prince of Troubles, but I’d rather dote it with the “Kingly” title, since I am more of a kind hearted person and obviously, Facebook deserves something big here.

Distrusting was never healthy but Facebook makes us feel so good about the healthy aspects of distrusting that we can get away with a little bit of it. Things really got out of hand this time when legit publication websites like; The Registrar, railroaded Facebook for its weird policies.

Here’s the hot issue;

Those Registrar guys have been complaining about a recent leakage of thousands of email addresses of different clients and staff members. The “spill” was caused through Facebook and apparently, no one was aware of this problem, until a blogger – Cory Watilo saw his email address in Google Search results.

Facebook has been denying any involvement in the issue by saying that the problem looks more of a buggy thing, rather than a deliberate attempt to share those email addresses at our side. The development team is still banging its head against the wall to spot down the real cause for this problem.

From what we’ve heard, Facebook doesn’t have a direct hand in this issue. Most of those “thousands” of users accidentally published their own information at one point or another. They don’t remember doing it, since Facebook has become too complex but recently a writer named – Nick O’Neill accepted the fact that he publicized his own information through some flawed logic.

Let’s just give Facebook a little space here and wait for the “glitch” to be fixed, as they’ve been spanked a lot of times before.