Do ti Faggot - Google ImagesSince year 2010, the number of homos at Facebook has increased. Among every 10 users or so, there is a chance that at least 2 of them are gay. If not, then it goes down to 1, which is quite an acceptable number these days. I am not judging anyone here; just reporting a few things that I found online on the internet very recently.

Anyhow, the story says that Facebook is advocating Gay people rights now more than ever. They say that the social media administration is working hand in hand with gay rights advocacy groups to reduce the amount of hate speech and bullying on the website. If it is true, then to what extent, that is the question. I still see a lot of people using the old word: faggot a lot.

Apparently there have been a lot of suicides, mainly involving youngsters who were either gay or fell victim to some kind of social or domestic abuse. We have heard and read reports about high school kids committing suicide just because they were fat – and were bullied at school by fellow students. Same theory applies to homosexual individual. The society is still not ready to accept them, which is why life gets a little hard for such individuals to live by with their sexual orientation.

Anti gay bullying campaigns became more active after the deaths of these teenagers that were secretive of their gay feelings. In 2010, a Gay and Lesbian rights group was created at Facebook. Properly known as ‘The Gay & Lesbian Alliance against Defamation’; this campaign/group is prepped up to trash out all sorts of anti gay remarks at Facebook.Com.

For Gays and lezzies, alike, it is a good start; at  least someone at their behalf is bogging down the suppression at Facebook. Now if they can get to zip several million other pairs of lips that are yapping against Gay people, the world will be a nice place for once.

Oh and by the way, just between you and I…. Don’t take this article in a negative manner – and even if you, I don’t really give a shit. If you’re an anti gay person, keep those feelings inside of you. I do appreciate people commenting here at this website, but if you have something along the lines of “go fuck yourself fag lover”, I wouldn’t bother approving it.

The point is, I am not gay or I don’t love gay people. It’s just that when it comes to morality factor, I am not in mood for doing anything bad to anyone.