Hello readers and Facebook users, if you have received sponsored company messages through the Facebook messenger app, then you probably have an idea what I’m about to discuss here. However, if you have not received any messenger texts from any number of businesses, you need to brace yourself because they are coming in pretty soon.


Facebook has expanded a feature which allows companies to reach out to potential customers through the messenger app. Let’s say, you purchased some clothes via a local Facebook store and you have a history of back and forth messages saved in the inbox, with that particular company, then that company can contact you again for sales’ purpose or whatever they desire.

Regardless, if you have not dealt with any online Facebook business page, and they still contact you through your messenger app, it means they are also using the paid feature that permits them to contact potential buyers. Facebook is basically charging these companies for sending you messages.

There’s a way to opt out, if you don’t want to be bothered!

Yes, there is a way to opt out of this whole scenario by simply marking the company’s message as Spam in your messenger inbox, and then blocking them. As an added benefit, Facebook is very keen on not allowing shitty companies contact same people repeatedly. To help reduce such incidents from happening, these irritating companies will be penalized by Facebook if multiple number of end users have marked their messages as spam.

This measure is to ensure that only the best and most meaningful messages reach you or other users out there. These messages will be the kind of sponsored ads which you might be interested in after all. According to David Marcus, the Vice President of Facebook messaging products, the company met a very positive response from advertisers who were testing the messenger contact feature.

Therefore, the initial success was met by further expansion in the demographics and overall “reach” through which the users can be contacted by companies easily. By the way, every company and business page has a 24-hour window to get back a reply from you. If the timer has expired, the company must make further payment to allow the messenger availability remain open at its end.

According to Marcus, “if a company writes you an email, it is usually a no-reply ad. We have tried and established a means to providing a much better and direct user experience for that now.”