If i could, i would take a piss on facebook

Facebook gave up on collecting user data information to send it to app developers later on. The company said that it all happened because of the rising privacy concerns at the social media website. However, the feature may come back if someone’s going to offer the right price or contract to the company. It’s just a gut feeling that I have been having lately.

Application developers previously had access to your contact number(s) and home address for some reason. Most of these fellows used to keep this information through squeeze pages for directly contacting the target market for product advertisement purposes. But we all know that an intrusive access to privacy can give rise to online harassment, stalking and email spamming cases. Plus, you’d be feeling insecure and “naked” all the time at the Facebook website.

As of last week, the social media adamantly made a decision to say that they’re no longer going to let app developers access their client side information. By the way, Facebook would’ve never taken such measurements if it weren’t for the ongoing upheaval from users all over the internet. The newly made changes are still awaited because they haven’t rolled out yet. Keep your fingers crossed, profiles tightly shut and wait for things to get better.