No doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest online repositories for personal information of millions of users. The amount of times that people log in to their profile page to share mere hellos and hi’s is far more than enough to generate billions of dollars.

You do know when they say where there’s money involved, companies tend to forget core values involving customers and subscribers. Apparently Facebook is no different than such hypocrite companies because of the rise in concerns in regards to privacy policies and latest “plugins”. The good old days of Facebook would let you away with hiding your posts from unwanted people. Today, things have become quite different.

Mark Fuckerberg and Julian Assange - Google Images

The not-so-off-the-record chat between Twitter and Facebook’s employee has evidently revealed that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even believe in something like “Privacy” in today’s day and age. It is all about making money and the way, 3rd party companies are groping for information which might be useful to them, I think users are going to let go of Facebook. The site will become commercial and won’t emit the same “Homey” feeling to its subscribers.

The benefits of plugins, such as; the “Like” button, are still unknown to a lot of users. But one thing is pretty obvious that the “Like” button will contribute clearly to an “Open Graph” project of Facebook. Only time will determine the course of this rat race and users are keeping their fingers crossed for now…