‘The Dean Academy’; a secondary school in Southwest England – Gloucestershire was immediately shut down after the institute’s authorities started discovering traces of False Widow spider infestation. One of the school representatives reportedly said that they had to close the school in order to get rid of the “false widow spider”.

Closer Look at the False Black Widow Spider Species

It is said that the False Widow spider is not considered harmful to humans. However, some species of this spider are considered hazardous due an array of venomous attributes. According to Wikipedia description of the spider’s species, it says that “Steatoda are shaped similarly to widow spiders, with round, bulbous abdomens. However, not all Steatoda species resemble widows – many have distinct coloring, and are significantly smaller than Latrodectus specimens. Some species of Steatoda will actually prey on widows, as well as other spiders which are considered hazardous to humans.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steatoda

Fortunately, there were no cases of any spider bites. However local health care authorities prompted for an immediate action to resolve the issue. Given that spider bite victims are immediately taken to a hospital for medical attention, both children and adults can survive the attack.

Professor David Lalloo from Liverpool Shool of Tropical Medicine said, “They’re not aggressive spiders, they don’t seek out humans. Most people won’t get much of a reaction. Some people may feel a bit unwell for a day or two, but that’s very rare.”