If stupid nonsensical lyrics are the best way of making it to the number one spot on the charts, then none of them knows it better than our modern singers. I do miss the classics; at least they had lyrics that made sense.

What we see now, is just a bunch of crassy lines that rhyme with one another and voila! You have a song. If it weren’t for the younger generation of fans, probably these singers wouldn’t have taken off for a career in the music industry.

Kesha Singin’ Her Ass Off in Tik Tok | Vimeo Videos

Speaking of senseless lyrics, its Ke$ha, staying in at the No. 1 position due to her hit new single, “We R Who We R”. It is the first track that achieved this feat on the Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, after Eminem’s “Not Afraid” in May 2010.

Ke$ha is all set to launch her upcoming album “Cannibal”. The grungy girl can also be caught at YouTube, singing songs and taking the aid of digital synchronizers to trip her voice up and down, something that we’ve always been fascinated about.

Oh god, Gimme a Dan Foggleberg or Bob Springstein record any day, please.