Botox has long been used as a wrinkles vanisher. The drug was controversial and ended up getting banned in most parts of the world. However, the recent discoveries have led FDA to approve Botox as a treatment to prevent chronic migraines.

Allergan Drug official Logo - Google ImagesThe approval came exactly after a month after “Allergan” the Botox Company agreed to pay $600 Million as compensation and fine for allegations that it had illegally marketed the drug for unapproved uses. What were those unapproved uses? Well, the same ones that the Food and Drug Administration just approved!

For Allergan and such companies, the usage of Botox as a headache preventer is a good news. Apart from profits, the controversial drug will start getting treated as something more than just a wrinkle remover.

At its core, the Botox treatment will be endorsed in the form of injections. Doctors will be treating patients of severe migraine complaints 15 days a month. Also in the UK, Botox got approved for only 15-day a month rule.

Dr. Whitcup has been a practitioner of Botox treatments for a long time. He said, “Botox is an incredible medicine, people think it is a cosmetic product but the therapeutic indications in the next 5 years will drop the plastic surgery image of Botox.”