Healthcare IT Fan Wallpaper - Google ImagesLooks like the federal authorities aren’t really getting along with the new healthcare reform policies. Under the category of security protocols and counter terrorism, the government is inflicting more damage than it ever did.

For example, instead of spending money on hospital computers and up-gradation, feds have bought tons of highly expensive backscatter x-ray scanners. These scanners are used to scan vehicles and their intensity is so extreme that human beings can easily develop cancerous diseases in their body.

It doesn’t stop at cancer; there are birth defects, mutated limbs and stuff like that.

Think of an immigrant truck driver, who is trying to make a living by supplying goods. I know, there are a lot of people, who smuggle illegal contents, but there are good and honest workers too.

Think of the truck driver who pulls over 3 times on his way to get scanned by those scatter scanners. This becomes a daily routine in his work life. Do you know what that means? The guy’s health will deteriorate and his family members will also get affected. And if the poor thing wants to have babies, he’ll be looking forward to a lot of suffering in the long run.

The feds have also planned on installing CCTV cameras on lamp posts. They think, it’s a great way of recognizing terrorist in crowds and jumbled places. Well, it doesn’t work that way and our authorities are just wasting money. Instead of buying these so called lifeless cams, why don’t they try increasing the $250 figure on senior citizen cheques, to $500? That’d be better.