The Foreign Secretary: William Hague is clipping his shoes to the sound of rumors these days. The guy thinks that he has finally ‘nailed’ the false rumors of having sexual affairs during the past few years.

William Hague during an Un Dated Interview - Google Images

In Hague’s opinion, rumors concerning his relationship with Christopher Myers were a “big fat lie”. He also thanked his colleagues and close friends for their “support” and moral bucking. David Cameron has described Hague as a Tory deputy, who issued an eye popping statement to kill his long running speculation over that sexual prowess.

Hague talked about his 13 years of marriage and life with wife: Ffion. The couple went through the trauma of multiple miscarriages as they tried everything to have kids of their own. He does admit that he shared a room with Myers once, but their relationship was strictly “professional”.

As of now, Hague is twittering like a bird. He posted several messages on different social networking sites, all thanking his fans and supporters through this big messy situation. Hague also said that Christopher Myers left the post, indicating signs of emotional instability and lack of maturity.

Side Note: There has hardly been any politician who’d admit to being corrupt or having sexual relationship scandal. Unless and until the alleged stuff is proven, these guys never step under the limelight to make amends. Even if they did, people wouldn’t understand them. The public will pelt them, insult them and strip them off their ranks.