Go Daddy Model Showcasing Company's ServicesGoDaddy has been caught up in the crossfire a couple of times. A few months ago, I heard they were placing company’s links underneath website footers. These websites were hosted by GoDaddy for users who wanted the cheapest services or freebies.

Anyhow, webmasters were not very happy with this dick move and called for the links to be revoked from their site footer.

In reaction to those emails, GoDaddy sweetened the deal by offering a couple of care packages. Anyhow it all happened a long time ago. Personally, I never had any issues with this company; they have been taking care of their customers for a long time now. As a result of successful operations all over the World Wide Web community, GoDaddy has expanded by founding a new datacenter in Singapore.

Through the recently established database center, the online company is expected to serve most countries of Asia because an increase in webhosting services and email network is expected in near future. The new Singaporean datacenter has made a lot of web companies happy. Let alone, the Singaporean authorities are happy to see minimized webpage load times and increased performance, due to the shortened distances between the client and the database.

GoDaddy is expecting to serve almost 8.4 Million Asian users through the newly opened datacenter. The company has been working since 1997 to maintain its name and reputation across the world. Without any doubt, GoDaddy is one of the best when it comes to webhosting services and domain name registration.

On the company’s list, there are clients from countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The users in these countries make up for a total of 42% of the entire online population that is hooked to GoDaddy.  This webhosting company is always there to help you out. “24/7 customer service” is something that is ritually followed by GoDaddy employees.