It is evident that ever since the iPad was released, Apple witnessed a significant increase in the overall rival count. Among those competitors, Google is perhaps one of the major companies that Apple needs to fear. Google has something called Android, the mobile operating system that is letting developers gain an upper hand over the iPhone and the iPad in the long run.

A side by side image of Google and Apple tablets

The following facts and news snippets were released by IDC and Appcelerator, which makes them quite legit if you ask me. IDC took the liberty of polling over 2200 developers this month; most of them seem to be on the Android’s side. In simple words, they seem “genuinely interested” in creating an application for the Android community because it is flexible and encourages innovation.

Applications aside, hardware manufacturers are also quite comfortable with the idea of developing a tablet for Google users. The U.S. comScore reports suggested that 87% of the respondents were in the favor of creating tablets, which are based on Android OS platform. But then again, this point leads me to the next element of this discussion.

It’s true that Android as an operating system is flexible. But it seems that the app and hardware development process doesn’t stop at a certain standard. One day, you have Phone A, the next day Phone B is released, which is a slightly altered but better version of Phone A. As a result, Android is its own worst enemy due to a large amount of variety.

Hence, we can’t possibly say that Android platform is perfect for developing a particular tablet. Meanwhile, iPhone or the iPad on the other hand conforms to a set standard. I know Steve Jobs’ policies are not lax and he likes to keep everything exclusive, but the guy’s got a good gig going on at his side. Apple needs flexibility and variety at its side, but for now, Google is a little behind the company.