image of a lady bug sitting atop the official gmail logo

Google’s loyalists, Gmail users in particular, had to go through a lot of headache due to a storage software bug. It is believed that the only affected .02% of the entire Gmail population. People lost their emails, data and sensitive data, but now Google says that everything is back to normal.

We all know that Google has tons of billions of subscribers from all over the globe. A small percentage, such as .02 possibly represents millions of people who fell victim to the fallacies of this Gmail issue. The bug hit ‘em on February 27 – 2011, when 30,000+ people reportedly didn’t receive their emails between 6 PM to 2 PM (Feb 28).

According to the company, none of the emails were lost. They just got delayed but they were never lost. Most part of Gmail has been restored, there’s still small population out there that’s still complaining. I, being a victim of this bug, had to wait for 7 hours for an email to get to my end. I kept pestering my sender with “No-you-didn’t-email-me-on-time” sort of statements, but it seems that the poor fellow was right.

He did send me the email but it popped up in my inbox after 7 hours. Thanks to Gmail, my work on Feb 27 was delayed by 7 hours! That’s called late submission according to my dictionary. Lucky for Google, all emails are kept safe in the form of different copies at different data center. This bug was such a “Bit*h” that it actually destroyed most of those copies.

Google and Gmail developers are working hard to retrieve the lost data. So don’t worry and don’t complain if you didn’t get the mail on time. Bad things happen, just pray that it doesn’t happen again. Otherwise, I’m definitely switching sides.