In one of recent updates, Google shared list of countries alongside number of requests filed from various government and semi government institutes for user data. Google normally categorizes such requests as “legit/ legal, frivolous and top secret.”


In the first half of year 2016, the overall number of user data requests netted at 40,667, while the United States still being in lead. The second in number is Germany, followed by France and India down the list. However, most of the requests as based on National Security Letters are not usually included in the transparency report for privacy reasons.

Due to a spike in cybercrime and online security incidents, such requests are likely to increase in number during near future. For instance, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Belarus and such regions are considered as new and latest addition to Google’s transparency report. Requests coming from these countries were for data removal, surveillance or vice versa.

For more details and constant updates on these reports, you can visit the official Google transparency reports page. Google implies that there is a mandatory delay of several months for these statistics before they go live. Such delays are often intentional in accordance to top secret government policies etc.