Brian Krebs during a CES 2016 interview

Some of you may not know Brian Krebs; he’s regarded as a prodigy when it comes to computer hacking. The guy used to be a reporter for The Washington Post and several other news agencies from 1995 – 2009. Presently, he’s making a decent living by hacking computers and different sorts of websites.

As soon as Krebs’ done with one of his online projects, he grants the said website’s access to different clients for a “small” amount of cash. I don’t know if it’s an illegal activity because he doesn’t really mess up with anything which can raise a lot of ruckus. But still, he’s someone who has been prying in different domains such as: .Gov, .Edu, .Mil and .Com for a long time. His base rate is somewhere between $55 to $499 a piece. Krebs also entertains under-the-table deals through his online blog.

Imperva recently listed several websites and screenshots that were given to them by Brian. These “monuments” were posted on the internet as a proof regarding his daily activities. If you happen to be one of Brian’s clients, you can shop around for anything as low as a Taiwanese Educational Center website, to the U.S. Army or National Guard’s homepage.

Of course, anyone buying this sensitive access would know how to clean his or her tracks. Messing with a government’s website is not something that I’d do for any price. Brian’s background doesn’t directly link to hacking. He was probably just an average guy, who never gave two hoots to hacking until his own computer got hacked by a couple of Chinese nerds.

You can head on to his blog for complete information about hacking, his ongoing rates, and several other informational tid bits.