The world will always know Matt Hughes for his daring feats, and the Discovery Channel will always mourn his loss to an exponential degree. Do you know why? Because this man had the guts to drive his team straight into any colossal Tornado in an attempt to bring live news and research material for documentary lovers.

Matt Hughes in an Undated File Photo - Google Images

Sadly, the legendary meteorologist died of a fatal injury, but not the kind that probably you’re assuming. Hughes died at his home; people are just misunderstanding his death sequence. The “Storm Chaser” succumbed to his unknown injury, while he was off show, leaving behind his wife Kendra and two sons: Collin and Hunter.

Post mortem reports and a phone call confirm that Hughes committed suicide. The cause of his death was stated as “Hanging” in the forensics report. Over 500 people attended his funeral. Matt kept his personal life to himself, which may have made it difficult for him to seek help concerning on going issues at home, and constant depression.

Matt Hughes spent a long time to earn his team’s trust. Back in those hazy days, he had to rush from one city to another to secure a gig. Finally, Discovery Channel recognized his talent and gave him a chance, the guy was a perfect fit.

During his initial post Storm Chasers episodic interview, he said, “As the season went along, you could see us come together,” he said. “By the end of the season we’re like a well-oiled machine. We knew what each other were thinking almost before we had to say it.”