a still from planned parenthood sex trafficking scandal

Recently, a Planned Parenthood Federation of America’ clinician was unmasked through a flurry of hidden tapes, as she tried to advise a sex trafficker on how to get medical care for young prostitutes. If it wasn’t for the unusual high amount of clients visiting the clinic, the woman would’ve probably been carrying about her business unnoticed.

If found guilty, the employee is definitely violating her organization’s ethical values, and work principles. However, some groups are suggesting that the videos were nothing but a bunch of phonies trying to give a bad name to Planned Parenthood officials. In some cases, it is said that over 11 visitors were just posed as sex traffickers, because they were working in collaboration with anti-abortion activists.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of that video footage, you’ll see a woman talking to a guy and a girl. This woman identifies herself as a medical practitioner in affiliation with Planned Parenthood Federation. The guy tells her that he’s been involved in the sex trafficking business and intends on bringing girls (as young as 14-year olds) to the clinic for a medical checkup.

The woman is a little picky about the girls’ age and tells him to give “as little detail as possible”. Probably, she didn’t want to get caught in the entire sex debacle. The woman, A.K.A “Manager of the New Jersey Parenthood Clinic” says that she isn’t in favor of abortions and that the man should seek other clinics with flexible rules.

If those tapes are proven legit, the Planned Parenthood community will be labeled as just another organization that puts up a nice front and likes to break State and Federal laws for the right amount of cash.

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