Facebook is negatively affecting youngsters these daysA few days ago, I was having a conversation with a system analyst about Facebook. It was nothing technical – we just chit chatted because I have known this guy for an excessive knack for Facebook.

I just wanted to know how he would react if his Facebook account got disabled or someone he knew, unfriended him. He didn’t say much but his facial expression spoke volumes; the guy would have done something nasty if either one of the aforementioned things happened to his account.

Now I am not a frequent Facebook user. There’s too much drama other there and at least I don’t have enough time to deal with it. Even when I do, the trolling factor, alone, takes a toll on my ability to maintain a temperament. However, what difference does it make? I know that I am perhaps one of the very few people out there who don’t use Facebook. The up side to this situation is that people who don’t use Facebook frequently, they are more senile and psychologically stable.

It is a bold statement and I did not state this down on my own. I did some research and found out that a couple of guys from University of Colorado performed a survey on Facebook users. Their findings were devastating because Facebook was proven to alter human behavior in real life situations.

Facebook’s Unfriending Impact on People:

The core results of the research pointed out that anyone who unfriends you at Facebook; it will have behavior altering impacts in real world. 40% of the respondents admitted to taking every measure possible against a person who unfriends or blocks them at Facebook.

Women said that they will try not to be seen with that person who defriends them at the social media website. The University of Colorado research team also concluded whether one should instigate avoidance tactics was if the defriender had mentioned cutting off communication with the “victim” before actually doing anything like that.

Why people unfriend other people at the first place? That’s a good question. The author: Christopher Sibona, of this study has his own beliefs. The unfriending phenomenon is more likely to occur on the basis of:

  • Dull Status Updates
  • Quarrel or Casual Banter
  • Cats and Dogs Videos having animated relations
  • Dislike Factor towards Profile Pics
  • No Profile Pics
  • Same old Shitty Profile Pics?
  • Sexism
  • Extremism
  • Racism
  • Status Changes from ‘Single’ and ‘Married’ to ‘It’s Complicated’ Several Times a Week!!!

By the way, your Facebook friends are not that much important to you when compared to your real life friends and relationships. It is not about being popular at Facebook. It is not about getting the highest number of “Likes”. Facebook is just another communication tool – one should take it as it is. Good luck.