Oh all the people are blabbing about Instagram and its perpetual rights to sell user photographs. It all started several weeks ago (I think) – I didn’t really keep tabs on the whole thing. So the story goes on that some bloke from Instagram, probably the company’s CEO suddenly thought of making more money by selling user photographs without their consent.

New instagram UI screenshot

The entire Instagram community was shocked to hear that. Yeah, the same old – same old privacy concerns and “hey, you don’t have the right to do this to our picture” statements started flaring around. Worst of all, the Hypocrites at CNET not only updated their blog with news about Instagram aiming to sell pictures, but they also ruined it for them by telling people how to delete their Instagram photos.

Don’t believe me? Check the CNET ‘How To’ news section for the “How to remove your Instagram photos and delete your account” tutorial. It is like these guys have no standards. I thought CNET was being paid by a rival company to accelerate the process of ruining Instagram market. The next thing you know, one of the douchey writers from CNET writes another article, which completely negated the first few against Instagram.

Anyhow, on the internet, it is all about making money at other people’s expense. Not a big deal. What really matters is that you need to accept the fact that Instagram or Facebook is not going to sell your photos for two apparent reasons:

  • Your ugly mugshots are of no use. Admit it; you are not the beauty contest type.
  • The company was pressurized so much by online privacy activists that it had to drop the idea of selling user photos.

To be honest, it was Facebook’s fault to begin with. Since Facebook owns Instagram now, the money making cows of behind the social media curtain suddenly thought about the idea of selling Instagram user photos to advertisers and companies from all over the world. But the storm has abated and you can go back to enhancing your pictures once again. Adios amiguitas.